Our clients’ success is our key objective. By leveraging our track record of success, we enable our clients to soar in their market. Solutions are unique to each company, medical solution, and target patient population. Each regulatory strategic plan benefits from our breadth of experience in science, healthcare delivery and finance, clinical trial design, experience and knowledge of regulations impacting FDA decisions and requirements necessary to attain reimbursement. Our team delivers solutions that enable commercialization and reimbursement across the places of service where a new treatment, drug, or healthcare solution is delivered to patients by clinicians.

Core expertise in reimbursement is achieved working collaboratively with our clients. Success has been dominated when we have the opportunity to design relevant clinical trials to report patient outcome, combined with a focused payer strategy. Once studies are completed, analyzed and ready for publications our team navigates payer negotiations. New payment is achievable with the appropriate evidence, pricing and regulatory positioning.

Here are examples of our clients’ success resulting from their long term reliance on VantageView and The Institute for Quality Resource Management. Read further about key milestones achieved by our clients.

MolecuLight Reimbursement Strategy

Olympus Announcement to Purchase Veran Medical Technologies