The Institute for Quality Resource Management

  • Works to establish processes that enhance appropriate utilization of quality health care as needed by the populations served.
  • Meets the medical industries’ goal to provide products to health care providers that bring incremental recognized value to patients and providers.
  • Increases the knowledge of patients so that they may be more compliant and therefore helping them implement their medical care.

Strategy for Success

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize efficiency of current capital and labor assets by removing non-value added cost and activities

Payer Guidelines

Clarify payer guidelines to be certain current claims processing procedures meet the goals of revenue enhancement by providing relevant concise information

Market Share

Garner market share through strategic alliances with Managed Care Organizations

Provide services

Provide services that meet the target population’s medical needs while providing a positive revenue stream

Design Processes

Design cost effectiveness data collection processes into phase III and phase IV clinical trials for FDA approved products

Develop reimbursement strategies

Develop reimbursement strategies for new products to meet the needs of both government and private payers so new technologies and drugs may serve the entire population

Techniques That Work

Establish processes to track patient outcomes

Control cost through inventory management and proper billing

Do procedure based cost analysis for high volume high cost procedures

Implement disease management processes on high cost diseases

Provide activity based cost analysis per room and associated staff

Develop automated coding and supply templates.

Verify ICD-9 code indicates medically appropriate procedure

Select Managed Care Organizations to best create provider/payer relationships

Facilitated by a highly trained and motivated implementation task force