During the clinical trial development phase, the clinical data, patient outcome data, and cost effectiveness model are all taken together to develop the strategic reimbursement plan. Purchasers of healthcare products and/or procedures are interested in the value they are receiving. Their determination of the value your product brings equates directly with their willingness to pay a particular price for your product.

Our Strategic Reimbursement Planning Process

  • Utilize the data collected to help determine the best launch pricing strategy.
  • Develop a reimbursement manual for your sales force.
  • Develop a communication strategy and process to be used with third party payors.
  • Create the packets of information that may be shared with third party payors.
  • Speak on your company’s behalf to HCFA regarding obtaining all necessary codes
  • Obtain a new CPT code if necessary from the AMA
  • Help determine the most appropriate reimbursement for all healthcare providers associated with the new product and associated procedures.