Our experts advise you to begin determining the cost effectiveness during the clinical trial process.

Has your product received FDA approval but insurance companies are rejecting payment?

With our expertise, we can help remedy payment rejections or prevent it them from happening to begin with.

Payors have budgetary requirements and must be able to demonstrate to their shareholders and beneficiaries that they are providing value for dollars spent. Use our extensive experience communicating with insurers and the Health Care Financing Administration to help determine the best way to position your product to obtain the reimbursement that may be possible within our complex medical payment system.

Prepare relevant decision models, early in the product concept and animal study phase to determine the benefit to the patient and financial success of the product.

Direct and monitor the clinical trial process to ensure accurate and representative collection of data.

Develop an article suitable for publication in a peer review journal.

Create data collection methods that will track the patient’s overall outcome beyond the intervention.

Cost Effectiveness Analysis Benefits