Whether you produce drugs or devices

The regulatory and economic environment can be a rugged terrain to navigate.

We have experience bringing products through the FDA and reimbursement planning phases. In today’s market FDA approval is no longer sufficient to successfully sell your product to health care providers

Your Goals

Today’s investors require impressive earnings on a continued basis. We offer a fresh approach beginning with identifying the best features your company has to offer your target market. To that end we provide solutions that will help you improve your focus on your best markets and provide you with a strategic plan to help achieve your earnings goal. A key factor in attaining earnings goals is to have the right product in the hand of your sales force during the right market conditions. We help facilitate that process through our analysis of the economic and regulatory climate relative to your product.

Sales Force Training

Our sales force motivation and training techniques have proven to help your sales team better focus on their goals, gain confidence that they can achieve those goals, and help execute the sales process.

We are able to convert our understanding of your customers’ financial goals into actionable sales tools to be used by your sales force. Our reimbursement strategic plan, which is specifically designed for your product and will meet your customers’ expectations, is molded into products that your sales force can use to explain how your new product meets their economic goals as well as how their payors may pay for the product.

We Provide Measurable Actions:

Prepare relevant decision models, early in the product concept and animal study phase, to determine the probability of benefit to the patient and financial success for the product.

Plan, direct and monitor the clinical trial process to ensure accurate and representative collection of outcome and cost data.

Create documents and methods that will track the patients overall outcome beyond the intervention.

Bring reimbursement strategies and planning to the entire process of product development and launch.

Provide software to assist in the cost collection process if needed by the research sites.

Produce information suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Prepare information to be shared with payers.